Welcome to Old School Plating

 Our goal at OldSchoolPlating.com is to offer the best authentic plating finishes for under your hood and chassis. We cater to the Auto and Motorcycle crowd that needs that original finish that sets them apart from the rest.  We love a challenge and perform multiple services on particular components such as Carburetors and Diverter Values which can be unique because their original finishes can include multiple processes.  For example, some Holley Carbs had their die-cast chromate conversion; the screws and hardware, cyanide cadmium, gold chromate; and various Holleys had their linkage phosphate or black oxide coated. We offering a complete carburetor refinishing service with all our authentic finishes applied.  Please contact us with your restoration projects and rare components to discuss details.  Other services that might require special attention plating or refinishing: Relays, Solenoids, Regulators, Alternators, Gas Caps, Radiator Caps, Brake Boosters, Check Valves, Hose Clamps, Diverter Valves, Fuel Pumps, Smog Rails, Pulleys, Vacuum Pods, Fan Clutches. Our professional staff has decades of experience, and we handle each component with the best of care.  Please note that some electrical components can be disassembled to refinish, but others may be permanent units.