General Price List

Services Minimum Cost
Cadmium Cyanide $85.00
Zink Alkaline $70.00
Phosphate $70.00
Black Oxide $70.00
Chromate Conversion $70.00

Since the plating process does not hide or mask surface imperfections, our evaluation of your needs and a discussion between us of what you hope to achieve in terms of your finished part are important!

There are many important considerations that need to be addressed. Our consultation with you will address issues such as item quantity, size of the object to be plated, type of plating material you will require and, in some cases, additional surface preparation required to achieve a more natural appearance. We will work together to enhance the value and appearance of your parts.

For best results, parts that have heavy corrosion will need special attention to achieve a more natural appearance by blasting, grinding, hand sanding or tumbling. These extra services will influence refinishing costs and will be discussed with you before starting your job.

We offer a free consultation, free estimate and a free quote!

We do not accept purchase orders. Payment for all services must be paid by VISA, MasterCard, cashier’s check or cash. Some orders may require a 50% deposit prior to beginning. Being located in the State of Delaware, there are no extra tax charges to any order.

We take pride in our workmanship and take great care wrapping and packaging all finished parts for shipping and handling. Not all carriers handle packages the same, and we ask our customers to please package and box your precious parts with care. All customers are responsible for packing, handling and shipping costs.

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